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IBUKO , IngenieursBUreau Koen Ongkiehong was founded in 2000 by Koen

Services of IBUKO include:
– Analysis of production systems
– Conceptual design
– Market research
– Feasibility study
– Basic design
– Detail design
– Procurement
– Commisioning

Curriculum vitae Koen Ongkiehong

Year of birth: 1959

Place of birth: Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands

Town: Den Haag, Netherlands

Nationality: Dutch

Education: 1972 – 1978 VWO, 2e VCL Den Haag

1978 – 1984 Technical University Delft, Mechanical,

Engineering, branch production technology (robotics, numerically controlled machines)

Languages: German, fair

English good

Work experience: 1984 – 2000 Tebodin Consultants & Engineers, Den Haag,

October 2000, start own company IBUKO consultancy

From 1984-2000 as project engineer at Tebodin (

Feasibility studies, lay out studies, basic design, detailed design, procurement, expediting.

1984 Svedex, Varsseveld

Equipment and lay out study: Automatic CNC-controlled transfer line for door bodies.

1984-1987 Vlisco, Helmond

Several jobs in the engineering department. Design en development for textile packing and

processing transfer line.

1985 Volvo Car Born

Design of a distribution center for car parts.

1986 Van Nelle Zoetwaren, Vaassen

Advise for selection of production and packing equipment for Droste-chocolates.

1988 Shell Pernis

Machine and lay out study: Material handling system for toxic herbicides en pesticides.

1989 Hoogovens IJmuiden

Basic design for tinning machinery including a looping tower.

1989 Celtona Cuijk

Design for a cutting machine for rolls of paper.

1989 NAM, Noordbroek

Lay out and design for a drum handling plant and special equipment for waste treatment of

poisoned sludge.

1990 Roteb, Rotterdam

Study: Container terminal, handling equipment and presses for house hold refuse.

1990 AVR, Rozenburg

Design for hoisting equipment for exchange of overhead cranes.

1990 ZAVIN, Dordrecht

Lay out and design for an incinerator plant for medical waste including a fully automatic drum



1990 ECT, Rotterdam

Study: Forest product terminal including equipment for ship unloading, transport equipment and a warehouse for tropical hardwood.

1991 Flower Auction Westland

Study: Distribution system for roll containers in the auction hall.

1991 AKZO Coatings, Groot Ammers

Lay out and design: Bulk handling and storage system for raw materials and filling lines for

drum and can filling lines in a wall paint producing plant.

1991 Budelco, Budel

Lay out and equipment study: Storage and transport system for sewage sludge.

1992 Filling & Packing Materials Manufacturing Company, Riyad, Saoedi Arabië

Bid comparison for equipment to produce polypropylene bags.

1992 Merck Sharp Dome, Haarlem

Lay out and design for an automatic pallet warehouse including conveying systems.

Packing line for Swine Premix products.

1992 Rank Xerox, Venray

Study: Material handling system in a production plant for transfer rolls for copying machines

including automatic warehouse, automatic guided vehicles, miscellaneous transport


1993 Roteb, Rotterdam

Lay out and equipment study: Depot for small chemical waste.

1993 Morton, Delfzijl

Design for a drum filling line for chemicals.

1994 Johnson Polymer, Mijdrecht

Lay out and design for a material handling system for resin-flakes, storage and filling

equipment for emulsions.

1994 VKG, Zoetermeer

Study for recycling system for PVC-window structures.

1994 Rasselstein AG, Andernach, Germany

Lay out and equipment study: Automatic transport system for heavy steel coils including

automatic guided vehicles.

1994 VVAV, Utrecht

Logistic study regarding landfill sites in the Netherlands.

1995 Isover, Etten Leur

Design of transport systems and packing equipment for glass wool products.

1995 Illbruck AG, Leverkusen, Duitsland

Lay out and equipment study: Plant for ceramic automotive exhaust mufflers including raw

material storage and dosing systems, transfer line for pallets and casting machines.

1996 Kemira, Rozenburg

Basic design for material handling system for titan dioxide, truck loading equipment.

1996 Hek, Middelbeers

Assisting the design department to develop lift equipment.

1996 Thomas Regout, Maastricht

Lay out study for warehouse for linear guides.

1996 Afvalsturing Brabant, Tilburg

Design and testing of 20 foot household refuge press containers.

1997 Ciba, Maastricht

Design for a dosing system for pigments, pallet transport systems, drum filling line.

1997 Zeneca, Waalwijk

Design for drum filling and bag filling equipment, lay out studies for production departments.

1997 Cytec, Rozenburg

Design of transport system for ONA-flakes.

1997 Procter & Gamble, Novomoscovsk, Rusland

Lay out and equipment design for a detergent plant including raw material storage and dosing systems. This project was executed in Moscow.

1998 Chaka / Granaria Food Group, Elektrostal, Rusland

Lay out and equipment design for a snack plant (peanuts, pistachios).

This project was executed in Moscow.

1998-2001 Degussa, Kalscheuren, Germany

Lay out and equipment design for a pallet warehouse including racks, roller conveyors, truck loading facilities.

1998-2000 Trespa, Weert

Design for an automatic counting system for kraft paper. Concept for removal of Melinex-foil from panels. Design of uniform product carriers for top sheets, packing station for Trespa panels.

1999-2000 Arte di Granito, Deurne

Lay out and equipment design for flexible manufacturing plant for granite kitchen tops,

including CNC-machines, polishing machines, automatic cranes and warehouses, transport



From 1-10-2000 to present IBUKO

2000-2002 Arte di Granito, Helmond

Continuation of project activities for flexible manufacturing plant for granite kitchen tops.

2001 Degussa, Kalscheuren, Germany

Lay out study for expansion of warehouse.

2001- 2004 Habek Snacks, Deurne (

Design for an automatic packing machine for fricandellen (Dutch sausages).

Basic design for mini snack packing machine.

2001-2002 Marco Werkbladen, Millingen

Study of automatic chaotic warehouse systems for kitchen top panels.

2002 Franke Roestvrijstaal Helmond

Study of existing plant for stainless steel kitchen tops, beer tops, bowls.

Advise for new lay out and new equipment

2004 Prinsen Helmond

General advise for this client who specializes in packing powders in bags, cans and pots.

2005 Benchmark, New Jersey USA (

Setting up a flexible manufacturing system for granite and composite kitchen tops and

vanities. System including automatisch warehouse crane with racks, conveyors, material

handling devices and CNC controlled machines.

2005 – 2006 Arte di Granito, Helmond (

Continuation of project activities for flexible manufacturing plant for granite kitchen tops.

Expansion of the plant for special products.

2005 – 2006 Marco Werkbladen, Millingen (

Setting up a new plant for Marco kitchen tops in Beuningen. A new facility of 6000 square

meter. Many material handling equipment and CNC machines. Assignment to start with

several feasibility studies. Later basic and detail design and vendor document control.

2006 Cunningham Stone Kilkeel, Northern Ireland (

Report on water clarification system.

2006 Plaza Food , Wijchen

Report on spiral cooler for meals.

2006 Gigant Stagebuilders (

Feasibility study for logistic center for material yard. Storage and retrieval system for stage components such as trusses, scaffolding tubes.

2006 Maas Reusel (

Site lay out and equipment selection for manufacturer of Belgium Hard stone components.

2006 Nooyen Manufacturing (

Design of mobile loading tables for bridge saws. Comprising one table with lift system, PLC


2006 Trespa International (

Press system to produce curved panels. Panels are used for wall cladding

2007-2009  Onkymix

Automatic dosing and mixing machine for Gypsum.

2008-2009 XLG, Bergen op Zoom

Plant for extra light granite table tops.

2008 Trespa International, Weert

Design for roll handling equipment for EB2 line

2010 Medcos , Naarden

Development of Micro Skin Polish machine

2011 Arte di Granito

Advice for waterjet machine, polishing machine, transfer system

2012 Franke RVS

Analysis of existing production line for stainless steel kitchen worktops.